You might have heard of this term, but do you know what it actually means? The domiciliation of your company is one of the most important steps when you decide to create your own business, therefore, we have reason to talk about it.


The domiciliation has to be made when you create your company, that is to say, when you have to write its headquarters in the statutes.

Indeed, setting up your headquarters is a compulsory step to obtain the registration of the company. In other words, the domiciliation is the designation of a mailing address as well as a commercial and tax address where your mail, sent by your customers and suppliers, is delivered. A domiciliation is also necessary when your headquarters need to be transferred to another address.


Besides, it can be useful when you live abroad and you want to have your headquarters in France, in order to have more visibility. It is also an opportunity to minimise your fixed costs. Moreover, all types of company, whether it is an individual company, a public limited company or a non-profit company, can choose a business address.


In addition, you can choose among different options to define your headquarters:


  • At home, which is not the best solution if you want to separate your personal and professional life
  • In commercial premises, which is quite expensive
  • In a business centre as DomaParis


From now on, you know everything about domiciliation.

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