Nowadays, being a micro-entrepreneur is the most wanted legal status due to the simplicity of the creation process. However, knowing where to domiciliate your company is another issue. Most of the time, micro-entrepreneurs will choose home domiciliation because it is easy and practical. But is it really the best solution?

What are the boundaries of home domiciliation?

Choosing your own personal address to domiciliate your micro-company is totally possible and comes with substantial advantages.

Indeed, by choosing your personal address as your head office, there are no additional office rent to take into account. Moreover, all of your activity-linked administrative documents and parcels are sent straight to your home. Home office is not only a low-cost solution, but is also time-saving. No need to waist your time to commute, either in public transportation nor on the road.

There are many advantages for choosing home domiciliation of course, but there are certainly significant invonvenients hidden behind those too.

Although you get all of your clients’ and your own administrative documents at home, it involves disclosing your personal address to everyone. Since it is also your professional address, it will constantly appear on the Internet or on social media when your company’s name is mentionned.

Additionally, you may seem less convincing in the eyes of your clients and your suppliers by using a personal address. Thus, your micro-company may appear less attractive to them.

Alternative: domiciliate within a domiciliation company

If you want to keep your private life apart from your professional one and do not want to disclose your personal home address, you can domiciliate your micro-company within DomaParis.

A domiciliation company allows you to choose a prestigious address for your micro-company’s headquarter, whilst practicing your activity from home. In this scenario, your personal address stays private and all of the administrative documents are handled within the domiciliation company. The it is up to you to retrieve your mail or choose to forward it or scan it to the (e)mail address of your choosing.


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