How to transfer your head office ?

Below are the steps you need to take to transfer your Head Office :

1) Amend the company’s articles of association

Articles define features of the company (duration, head office, activities, capital’s amount, provisions) as well as terms and conditions of its running :

Therefore, when you transfer your Head Office, you have to amend your Company’s Articles.

Check the Articles for the following information :

  •  If all business partners have the authority for such amendments, convoke general assembly
  • If decision can only be taken by the legal representative: In the first instance, all that will be required is to generate an official report regarding the amendment of the Head Office’s address. This official report will be a fundamental record for the new Head Office address.
    Over a second phase, it, will be necessary to validate this transfer during the next yearly general meeting.

2) Publish a legal announcement regarding the notice of modification. 

This notice of modification must be announced within one month of the statutes modification.

The publication will be by means of a legal announcements in authorized areas where the Head Office of the company is located :

  • If the new Head Office address is in the same locality, dependent on the Clerk of the Commercial Court, one announcement may suffice.
  • If the Head Office is transferred to a different area, it will depend on the new Clerk of the Commercial Court, and two announcements will be required : one in the previous area and one in the new area.

NB : In respect of the Paris area, all legal announcements are applicable « ile de France ie : Departements 92-93-94-95 » . In this case, only 1 announce will be enough.

3) Declare the transfer of your Head Office to the Clerk of the Commercial Court

Finally, the Modification of Articles have to be declared to the Clerk of the Commercial Court in the area of the location of the new address.

Domaparis can complete all the formalities with the Clerk of the Commercial Court on your behalf.

By entrusting Domaparis with these time consuming and complicated formalities you will be assured that your precious time can stay focused on your business.

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