Online business address registration in Paris 17

Choose online a prestigious business address in Paris 17 for the headquarters of your company: easy, fast and certified by the administrative centre.

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    Stéphanie de Suduiraut Lataillade Vinidylle - Wine & Consulting

Online business address registration for your company at 55 Bd Péreire in Paris (75017): serenity, responsiveness and reliability for your headquarters.

French and international companies, self-employed workers, freelance, associations, EIG… Take advantage of a prestigious address, flawless administrative services and favourable taxation (lowered CFE).

Documents à fournir obligatoirement pour toute domiciliation en ligne
  • Statutes, draft or articles of memorandum of your company
  • Company registration number, i.e extrait K-bis if applicable
  • A photocopy of the identity card or passport of the legal representative of the company
  • Proof of personal residence address of legal representative  of the company dated less than 3 months (invoice EDF or France Telecom)
  • The company bank details
Domaparis - domiciliation à Paris 75017 - SYNAPHE
  • Simplicity Pack
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    27/ monthly +vat50% off the first year*
    • Domiciliation alone with 50% off the first year !
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    • Gathering of your mail for you to pick up
    • *324€+vat the first year instead of 648€+vat

Creation of company and business address registration: the first step of the creation of a company: choosing a commercial address for its headquarters.

Being able to anticipate the consequences of your commercial business address registration, it is to start properly your activity and encourage the development of your company in the short, medium and long terms.

Brand image, reputation, marketing and commercial consistency, variable amount of the CFE (French tax) from a town to another. Everything put together, the different elements of a business address registration can have some good or bad consequences that should not be forgotten. If you wish, DomaParis takes care of all the formalities regarding the creation of a company or the transfer of its headquarters and can get a Kbis within 48 hours. Don’t hesitate to contact us or to refer to our useful links to get more information about the creation of a company or the transfer of its headquarters.

Prestigious business address registration: a real asset for your brand image and your return on investment!

Perception is Reality. Lee Atwater.

DomaParis: a prestigious address in Paris for all types of companies, self-employed workers and professions.

Choosing properly your address it’s also to define indirectly your commercial and product positioning to your potential and current customers and to your future investors. We offer you a prestigious address in Paris at 55 Bd Péreire in the 17th district that gives your company visibility, legitimacy and solemnity for a fair and affordable cost.

An address at the heart of the new business district.

Your business address registration at 55 Boulevard Péreire, at the heart of the business district of the 17th arrondissement of Paris and close to the High Court of Paris and the new Batignolles area! Domaparis offers a prestigious address for your headquarters establishment in Paris combined with administrative services performed  by an experienced team available from Monday to Friday.

Forwarding of mail, hotline, assistance for administrative procedure and creation of company, getting a Kbis within 48 hours…

With more than 20 years of experience in business address registration and assistance for the creation of company, you are sure to be assisted with precision and professionalism.

Our watchword: quality

Our distinctive characteristics are the close working relationship that we have with all our customers, an individualized monitoring and a long accompanying according to your needs. We work with recognised professionals (lawyers, chartered accountants, solicitors…) who have trusted us for a long time. DomaParis is part of the Synaphe and has a prefectoral approval DOM2010291R1.

DomaParis customers group

We do everything we can to generate business opportunities between our customers. Connections, skills share, it’s win-win!

How much does a business address registration in Paris costs?

The business address registration cost depends on one Parisian district to another according to its symbolic, its history and its reputation.

The cost of administrative services also depends on one agency to another. Some business address registration centres like DomaParis utterly works with intern resources. Others choose to call on international offshore platforms to maximise their margins and offer more attractive prices, which involves some concessions in terms of services quality.

Choosing your headquarters address and the amount of the CFE (French tax)

Amount of the CFE in Paris in 2020

The CFE rates depends on the place you are. Towns receive the receipts of the CFE. The CFE rate is fixed by the town but also by the public structures of international corporation.

For many years, the amount of the CFE is stable and is one of the lowest in France: the Parisian CFE is about 17% and hardly ever fluctuates.

Amount of the CFE in Marseille in 2020 (for comparison)

In Marseille, the CFE is about 31% of the tax rate, that means twice the amount fixed in Paris!

Thus, business address registration in Paris enables you to save a huge amount of money depending on your annual turnover!

Finance your domiciliation costs by paying a lower CFE amount, the prestige in addition!

CFE reduced to a minimum price

By choosing DomaParis, your CFE is reduced to a minimum price compared to what you would pay if your headquarters were in commercial premises or even at your place. Therefore, the savings you make enable you to pay off, sometimes entirely, the business address registration costs.

Contact us to make up your minds or to compare your current CFE with the one fixed in the 17th district of Paris!

  • Simplicity Pack
    Top selling
    27/ monthly +vat50% off the first year*
    • Domiciliation alone with 50% off the first year !
    • Our advices
    • Gathering of your mail for you to pick up
    • *324€+vat the first year instead of 648€+vat

The most concerned cities in the provinces by a business address registration in Paris 17 (savings on the CFE, reputation, prestige, international marketing…)

The most concerned cities in île-de-France by a business address registration in Paris 17 (savings on the CFE, reputation, prestige, international marketing…)

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