Nowadays, a company has to be on social media in order to enhance its visibility and fame.

Among the most popular social networks, we can mention Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Even though they do not have all the same role, it is necessary for a brand to develop its reputation on each network to reach different types of people that are interesting for the activity of the company.


As social media can have a huge impact on our domiciliation company, DomaParis creates content on each of them and communicates every day. Moreover, we are trying to diversify our content by publishing news about the company but also about our services and values.


Today, our community is growing increasingly. For your information, our Facebook page is liked by 96 people, our Twitter account is followed by 111 people, our Instagram page by 30 people and our LinkedIn account by 135 people.


To get informed about our actuality, follow us on each page!