What is this tax ?

Whether you are a micro-entrepreneur, the president of a joint-stock company or the owner of a limited liability company, you must pay the Business Property Tax (Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises). This includes all types of company that uses a business premise and whatever the legal form or activity.


Minimization of the tax amount thanks to domiciliation

By domiciliating your company within a domiciliation agency such as DomaParis, the Business Property Tax rate becomes insignificant compared to when you choose to domiciliate it within a business premise or at your own personal address. Because you do not use any physical premise, you do not need to pay for one, thus the amount is minimal. This advantage allows you to save money and to write off the domiciliation costs.


A more interesting tax amount in Paris

You should know that it is also more interesting for you to pick an address for your headquarters within the walls of Paris rather than in the others departments of Ile-de-France. (i.e. : in the Hauts-de-Seine (92) where the mandated tax amount is outrageous)


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